Mediatel are the market leader in the supply of international premium rate numbers. We offer premium rate numbers from over 30 destinations covering 200 countries globally.

Tuesday, 25th Jan  Latest News   New higher Maldives rates!! Exclusive Termination and improved access: North Korea. New mobile & shared cost solutions New Zealand and South Africa! Austria Rate Change! Please ask your account manager

Mediatel provides the best market rates, best global destinations, and fastest payouts for international premium rate numbers

International Premium Rate Numbers

In many markets premium numbers are used as a convenient micropayment system that all potential customers can access from the convenience of their mobile or landline telephone. Be it a domestic PRS voice number, premium SMS or an international premium rate number Mediatel are the global market leaders.

Headquartered in the UK with offices in Australia, Auckland and Delhi we serve our clients with proven technical and global market experience, and outstanding 24/7 customer support. Our experience and global audiotext resource enables us to advise clients and facilitate new premium rate products and revenue streams quickly and efficiently. Providing a range of over 30 international premium rate terminations covering access from over 200 countries we are better positioned to maximise your resource and assist in building your business in any country of the world.

Our IVR engineers build premium rate and general audiotext (audiotex) applications quickly and efficiently or route calls to our clients premium rate platforms within minutes whilst our online statistics enable you to follow and control your campaigns real time.

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